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These days many individuals are experiencing overabundance weight because of different reasons like evolving way of life, dietary patterns, absence of active work. They follow a severe eating regimen alongside early morning exercises to shed pounds.

Be that as it may, some have no advantage by any means. Such individuals can attempt this beverage while practicing day to day and following an eating routine without getting pushed.

Drinking cinnamon, lemon juice and fenugreek drink each day can assist you with getting thinner without any problem. This drink is additionally said to have numerous medical advantages. What’s more, how to set up this weight reduction super drink? How about we see here.

Benefits of this drinkā€¦


Lemons are plentiful in L-ascorbic acid and cancer prevention agents. It is additionally low in calories. Eating lemon in food further develops processing. These are exceptionally useful in getting in shape.


Cinnamon has thermogenic properties. It further develops digestion. It additionally helps in weight reduction. It additionally monitors glucose levels. Additionally, the individuals who need to get thinner. You can abstain from gorging by consuming it.


Fenugreek makes hepatoprotective impacts. It is additionally wealthy in fiber. Consuming fenugreek helps control hunger. It helps in weight reduction. It likewise detoxifies the liver.

What happens if you drink this drink every day?

Drinking a combination of cinnamon, lemon juice and fenugreek each day keeps the liver and heart sound. Likewise, its calming properties help in weight reduction. Specialists say that glucose levels are additionally taken care of.

How to make this drink?

required things

Lemon – 1
Cinnamon powder – 1 teaspoon
Fenugreek – 1 teaspoon
Water – 1 cup

Strategy for Readiness

  • First pour some water in a dish and intensity it.
  • While the water is bubbling, cut and press a lemon.
  • Likewise add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder to it.
  • Then put some mellowed fenugreek seeds in water.
  • Presently blend well in with water.
  • Drink this super beverage after it chills off totally.

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